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A virtual sports betting game is another form of betting game that is highly popular in online casinos at the moment. It is another alternative for those who enjoy watching various sports and would like to gamble to root for their favorite team and get real money. At present, GClub provides more various lines of virtual sports betting games, for instance, football, tennis, horse racing, etc., to meet the needs of the young generation. Yet, these games are different from the real competitions because they are a simulation between a player and the AI, like an online football game in which the player will keep his fingers crossed for the result of a virtual UEFA Champion League football match instead of the real one.

What makes a virtual sports betting game outstanding is the time spent. It is because players do not have to wait for a long competition like before and can place a bet 24 hours a day. At the end of the match, if the players would like to continue betting, they can do so immediately. Each game takes only a few minutes to find out the result, with no need to wait for a long time like in a real competition. It is suitable for players who like speed, love to root, and have little time.

The rules of virtual sports betting are the same as various online sports games with the same handicap and payout rates. It is a new dimension in virtual gambling that contributes to a different experience. It is both nail-biting and exciting, bringing about a great experience, just like regular sports betting. Since the E-Sport trend has highly increased over the past 1-2 years, virtual sports have been developed to meet this demand. The virtual football game is a mix of E-sport and virtual games. Thus, it is called Virtual Sports, which offers a wide variety of betting games to play. It emphasizes on spending less time, more matches available, and being playable all day long, which are attractive features of the virtual sports game. 

What are Virtual Sports?

An online football game is a form of a simulation game between the player and the AI, ​​who have to compete against each other under the real rules, like in a real competition, yet it just takes less time, and the player is in control of the game. The rules applied to virtual sports betting are similar to those of the real online football game, yet only a winner choice is available. Before the competition begins, the statistics of various online football games will be provided so that players can analyze and study the game formats and place a bet in advance.

Best virtual sports on AllNewGClub 

At AllNewGClub, there are many popular virtual games for players to try out. Regarding online virtual sports, it is becoming highly popular among players who love gambling because they can know the results in no time – less than 5 minutes per game. Moreover, it can be played 24 hours a day because the competitions are available all day, and the system is supported via PC, website, and mobile. Thus, wherever you are, you can get access to the game with ease. The GClub betting website offers the four most popular games. Let’s find out which ones they are! 


It is the most popular virtual football betting game. The developer saw that the football game took quite a long time and, thus, created a virtual football game and reduced the playing time to allow players to place a bet all day while keeping to the standard football rules by just shortening the time and controlling the game with the AI.


It is another popular game among sports betting lovers because it is a charming, smart, and nail-biting game. When simulated as a virtual game, it still keeps to the conventional rules. The competition is simulated with the control of the AI. Players can see the situation on the field during the bet through a live broadcast and must place bets at a specific time. Each game does not exceed 4 minutes, and the statistics are displayed on the screen. There are a total of four quarters in each match. The ranks and the statistics are provided before the start of each game. 


It is a fun sport to play and an enjoyable sport to see. There are singles and doubles match for this kind of virtual sports. AI is used to control the game. Players can place a bet under the real tennis rules.

Car Race

It is a sporty sports game for speed lovers. It simulates the real competition in a form of high-performance AI, similar to watching animations with realistic proportions. The winning car has to be predicted. The betting style is like motocross. The total distance of the race is 800 meters, and the race is a three-round ride around the field. The stake rates are revealed before the beginning of the match. Once the match is over, players cannot place a bet anymore.

How to Bet on Virtual Sports with Us

Online sports betting can be easily done by registering as a member of the virtual sports betting website first. If you are a beginner and would like to try out, you can choose an Online Sports DEMO to try out various sports betting games without having to make a deposit. It is an interesting option because it is a new kind of sports game, and many of you may not be familiar with it. Therefore, a demo of the betting website has been created for trying out first, and if you like it, you can start making a deposit and participate in real betting. AllNewGClub has included many virtual games in the Online Virtual Sports Websites menu, where there are a lot of virtual sports betting games offered.

Virtual Sports vs Real Sports Betting

There are several differences between the two types of sports betting games. For the regular sports betting game, it is run by real people and takes time as specified in the game. Yet, in the virtual betting game, the AI is used as a game controller, and the time is reduced so that players can enjoy it more conveniently. Regarding the sports betting options, the virtual sports game still offers fewer online sports betting options. In the future, the developer may improve this issue further, but both types of sports betting games give real money as a reward.

The options of virtual online football betting are similar to a sports game. For example, in the online football game, various handicaps and commissions are offered. The virtual sports betting website features beautiful graphics with natural movements in the HD quality to increase enjoyment and fun during the game. It is suitable for those who have no experience in sports games because they can try it out first, and it is also appropriate for those who have little time and cannot watch the game for a long time.

GClub Virtual Sports Betting – Start Now and Get the Bonus

Now GClub offers a special promotion on online football betting for those who exclusively register to play virtual sports betting games. The promotion provides a rewarding bonus that can be used to play any virtual sports game available. The membership registration of the website is not complicated, and the deposit-withdrawal system does not take long. Therefore, it is the most convenient website to play. Moreover, various bonuses and promotions are also worthwhile and comprehensive, giving the best benefits to the players.

If you would like to register as a member of GClub, you can easily do so. It requires the least information ever. Just fill in your valid phone number and your full name, and you can easily apply for membership with the GClub website.

Online virtual sports betting is a relatively captivating option because, nowadays, more and more people are interested in betting on sports games. Therefore, all kinds of virtual sports betting games are quite fulfilling in terms of time and the convenience of playing. Moreover, the rules are not different from online football betting - just spending less time on competition to earn benefits quickly.

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