Fan Tan


Why Fan Tan?

Apart from providing all players with online Poker, Blackjack, or Baccarat,, the leading online casino website in Thailand, also offers Fantan or Fan-Tan.


What is Fantan?

Fantan is a type of gambling game with the origin in China. It was very popular in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao, before having expanded its popularity in other countries around the world and in Asia. The present Fantan has evolved from counting beans, which are changed into buttons on an online casino.

How to Play Online Fantan

There are various ways to play online Fantan. The rules of playing online Fantan, as well as Fantan betting formulas, are described as follows:

1. Single Bet

The Single Bet is to place a bet on only single number. You can choose to place a bet on only one number including 1, 2, 3 or 4 in such round. The payout rate is 1:2.85.

2. Double Bet

The Double Bet is to place a bet on two numbers. You can place a bet on two numbers including 12,13,14,21,23,24,31,32,41,42, or 43. The payout rate is 1:0.95.

3. Triple Bet

The Triple Bet is to place a bet on three numbers. You can place a bet on three numbers including 123, 234,124, or 134. The payout rate is 1:0.3167.

4. NIM Bet

The NIM Bet is to place a bet on a single number and a tie number at once. You can place one of the following bets: 1NIM2, 1NIM3, 1NIM4, 2NIM1, 2NIM3, 2NIM4, 3NIM1, 3NIM2, 3NIM4, 4NIM1, 4NIM2, or 4NIM3. The payout rate is 1:1.90.

5.Even-Odd Bet

The Even-Odd Bet is to place a bet on either Even or Odd. 


Play Online Fantan at GClub

Players usually play this game to get some funds for other riskier games. The players can access to Fantan game by register for membership with GClub on the AllNewGClub website. Moreover, online Fantan can also be easily played on mobile. Today, you can download the GClub Application for both iOS and Android mobile systems.

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